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VMware vSphere And View Next Version Features

21 Feb 2010 Leave a comment

After the VMware Partner Exchange 2010, more and more information are starting to surface on the web about a possible future roadmap of VMware vSphere and VMware View.

From what I’ve read these are the features that will be available:

  • Transparent Memory Compression
  • IO DRS
  • better VMotion performance
  • higher virtual desktop consolidation ratios
  • improved integration between View and ThinApp: users will be able to package desktop and server applications in ThinApp virtual machines.

Rumors said that IO DRS seems to be well beyond the lab

Everything seems really interesting to me, and even if not all features will be released, I think that the next version are very promising.

If you want to read more about that rumors there are a couple of summary articles from Tech Target:

VMware to add memory compression, I-O resource management to next vSphere

VMware vies for virtual desktop dominance with View 4.5

and a couple of article about IO DRS from vm/etc blog:

Exploring VMware vSphere And View Next Version Features

VMware PEX 2010: Tech Preview of DRS I/O Resource Shares

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Cloud computing also in life science

19 Feb 2010 Leave a comment

I see that cloud computing is becoming common also outside strictly IT world.

From one of my tweet (thanks kiaragrn !) I’ve read about a full day workshop at Bio-IT World 2010 dedicated to cloud computing.

For more information:

VCP4 studying resources

18 Feb 2010 1 comment

I know, there are a lot of resources and a lot of material on the web.

Here just a couple of post (that link to other resources) that I find useful:

I really appreciate the Simon Longs practice tests and study notes. Thanks Simon for sharing!

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Free community lab

10 Feb 2010 Leave a comment

Just a note: is trying to create a free community lab.

I think this is a good initiative.

More details here:

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I definitely need a new home lab!

8 Feb 2010 1 comment

Ok, I must admit it… I have too much hardware at home, but all that hardware is a bit old and not really useful for my testing need of virtualized environment.

So… it’s time to start thinking about a new home lab :) (I know… I know… my lovely wife will not be so pleased about that ;) )

I will use this post to track my ideas and the status of my project.

First things first: I want to use my new lab primary for hands-on learning and exam study, primary on virtualization. Perhaps in the future will also become a way to centralize the home infrastructure, but not at the moment.

I’ve read some post about home lab, and I find these to be the most inspiring:

So, my first decision will be this:

  1. One new “desktop” (on steroids of course!) with Window7-64bit, vmware Workstation and all other stuff as vm (also esxi and so on)
  2. A single powerful whitebox with vmware ESXi4
  3. A couple of (less powerful) whiteboxes  with vmware ESXi4

I think also that some hardware that I currently own can be reused in some way:

  • A Pentium D 920, 2 GB ram, currently used for XenServer 5.5 testing
  • An E6600, 4 GB ram, currently my main desktop, with XP and vmware Workstation and used for all other testing purposes
  • A SmartArray SCSI controller with 3 36GB 10Krpm disks bought on ebay some times ago.

Ok, it’s time to start evaluating pro& cons!

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My new blog

Ok, so…. I will start a blog :)

I will write in english but also in italian, as my mood dictates.

I will use this blog to collect information and thought about my principal interests: virtualization and IT.

I will use this blog as a way to study and improve my competencies in the virtualization field, but from time to time I will also blog about other arguments ;)

So…hello, VirtualByte!!!

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