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I definitely need a new home lab!

Ok, I must admit it… I have too much hardware at home, but all that hardware is a bit old and not really useful for my testing need of virtualized environment.

So… it’s time to start thinking about a new home lab :) (I know… I know… my lovely wife will not be so pleased about that ;) )

I will use this post to track my ideas and the status of my project.

First things first: I want to use my new lab primary for hands-on learning and exam study, primary on virtualization. Perhaps in the future will also become a way to centralize the home infrastructure, but not at the moment.

I’ve read some post about home lab, and I find these to be the most inspiring:

So, my first decision will be this:

  1. One new “desktop” (on steroids of course!) with Window7-64bit, vmware Workstation and all other stuff as vm (also esxi and so on)
  2. A single powerful whitebox with vmware ESXi4
  3. A couple of (less powerful) whiteboxes  with vmware ESXi4

I think also that some hardware that I currently own can be reused in some way:

  • A Pentium D 920, 2 GB ram, currently used for XenServer 5.5 testing
  • An E6600, 4 GB ram, currently my main desktop, with XP and vmware Workstation and used for all other testing purposes
  • A SmartArray SCSI controller with 3 36GB 10Krpm disks bought on ebay some times ago.

Ok, it’s time to start evaluating pro& cons!

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