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Easy links to Lefthand Networks software

13 Apr 2010 1 comment

As we have a site with HP Lefthand iSCSI san, today I checked for upgrades but…the “check for upgrade” of CMC console just can’t connect to ftp.

So, I tried the hard way: looking for patches on HP website. If you have ever looked for something on HP website, you know that it’s just no so “user friendly”…

Well, I think that now is easier to find patches for the Lefthand: go to and select “HP Support & Drivers”.

But I needed also the new SAN/iQ …that is not present on that link.

After looking here and there I found a really useful collection of direct (and easy!) ftp links to the various version here:

Also on the same blog I find this other interesting page:

Update: I’ve also found another interesting site about the new network raid feature os SAN/iQ 8.5:

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