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VMworld 2010: you rock!

Well, VMworld 2010 has ended and I’m back in Italy.

I will coverage some session that I’ve followed in another post, in this post I want to write only some considerations.

First of all: VMworld is a great place for networking. I’ve met all the top bloggers and vmware gurus. They are all cool people and was a pleasure to meet everyone: I often felt there wasn’t time to actually speak to everyone properly. And, it’s great to have a person associated to a twitter avatar/nick :)

Then it comes the hands-on labs: I’ve attended some labs at VMworld Europe 2009, but those new ones were awesome. There was a lab for every hot topic, from vSphere performance and troubleshooting to vCloud Director, from View to Thinapp: you could spend all day labbing!

Last but not least, the breakout sessions: well, I’ve a mixed feeling about them. I attended about 12 sessions: not all of them fully satisfied me. I think that the speaker makes the difference here: when was some of the well known virtualization guru (from VMware or an EMC vSpecialist) or was a VMware engineer the quality was rocking exceptional, otherwise was just good or average. Perhaps I’ve too many expectations or perhaps after being to the session of Nick Weaver (@lynxbat), Scott Drummond (@drummonds), …. it’s hard to match them.

Global consideration: VMworld rocks!! I suggest to everybody that can attend it, to go without exitations. All the money is well spent.

PS: on the last day at VMworld I caugh some vSpecialist behind the blogger lounge acting “suspiciously”…and this time also Chad Sakacc was in! I’m expecting something from these great guys!

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