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My vlinks choice – 1-2011

Well, the 2011 has begun and it’s time to go back to work… and to blog :)

With this post I want to start a  regular (hopefully weekly) column: I often find myself reading a lot of post during the week and in need of a way to “pin” the ones that I find interesting or useful (with a short summary) so I can refer to them later.

So the idea of this post: it will be my personal choice of post that I’ve found interesting or useful (or funny!) during the week.

So, stop babbling and let’s start with the first ones for this week!

  • How to backup Fault Tolerant VM in vSphere 4 – an interesting article about backing up FT enabled VMs, with a full how-to on automating the whole process using scripts by William Lam of www.virtuallyghetto.com
  • Node interleaving: enable or disable? – a post by Frank Denneman ( @frankdenneman) with an excellent explanation of how node interleaving relates to NUMA and its impact on the hypervisor.
  • Impact of oversized virtual machine (part 1, part 2 and part 3) – another comprehensive series of articles by Frank Denneman about the impact of oversized VMs. All aspect are covered: impact on memory overhead reservation and share levels, on HA and DRS and on CPU scheduling and memory management. A must read!
  • VCAP-DCA & DCD page by Gregg Robertson (@greggrobertson5) – in this page there is a huge list of resources that can help in obtaining the VCAP accreditations. This list is an ongoing project and is still growing.We

Well, that’s all for this first my vlinks choice issue.

See you on the next issue!

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