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vCenter 5.1 on Windows 2003: solving some issues

Recently I had to install vCenter 5.1 on Windows 2003 and I had hit a couple of issues.

Here how I solved them: hopefully someone else will have a smoother installation process (and I have some notes just in case of another installation Occhiolino )

SSO: Error 29155

The first issue was about an error encountered when installing SSO: “Error 29155 Identity source discovery error”. I’m not sure if it’s something tied to that specific environment  (a complex AD with multiple windows 2008 dc) or not, but even trying a couple of reinstallation I had always this error.
According to KB 2034374 this is due to a failed attempt to automatically discover an Active Directory domain. You can click OK on this error and continue installation and add manually AD Authentication to SSO later.

My advice is to solve this issue before installing the vCenter Server component.

To add AD Authentication, you can follow these steps:

  • conclude the SSO installation,
  • proceed with the installation of Inventory Service and vSphere Web Client.
  • login to the vSphere Web Client as the user “admin@System-Domain”,
  • go to Administration – Sign-On Discovery,
  • add your Active Directory
  • finally add the newly created identity source to the default domains.
Hardware Health and Health Status plug-ins are disabled in the vSphere Client

The second issue was about Hardware Health and Health Status plug-is disabled in the vSphere Client: this happens only in the vSphere Client installed on the vCenter server and not in the vSphere Web Client.

This issue is a Microsoft issue! As per KB 2031053 the only way to solve it, is by downloading and installing a Microsoft hotfix that you can find in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article. Be aware that after installing this hotfix a reboot is needed.

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