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mhVTL: a linux open source VTL – part 1

From time to times you have to work with tape and tape library and you need to understand how the various backup software works: in these cases testing and experimenting in our lab is made difficult because of lacks of  hardware.

In these situations comes in handy mhVTL, a linux open source VTL. In this mini-serie we will see how to install it and export it via iscsi.

For the installation I decided to use a linux vm Centos 6.4 x86_64 basic install without a GUI.

Here the installation steps (executed as root user):

  • download from here source and binary rpms (version 1.4.8 at time of writing):  we need source rpm as kernel module must be compiled and is not available in the binary rpm.

NOTE: I have not used elrepo repository rpms as at this time they are not updated to the last mhvtl version

  • install rpm:
    • rpm –i mhvtl-utils-1.4-8.x86_64.rpm mhvtl-utils-1.4-8.src.rpm
  • Make sure the kernel-devel package to match your running kernel is installed:
    • rpm –q kernel-devel
  • compile the kernel module:
    • cd /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES
    • tar xvfz mhvtl-2013-06-29.tgz
    • cd mhvtl-1.4/kernel
    • make
    • make install
  • start mhvtl service
    • service mhvtl start
  • check everything is running:
    • lsscsi –g
    • ps -ef|grep vtl

The VTL is now operational with two preconfigured tape libraries.

To be able to export via iscsi let’s install Linux SCSI target framework (tgt):

yum install scsi-target-utils

Now we have to configure iscsi target by tgt configuration file…

For configuration and management of mhVTL + SCSI target is easier to use mhvtl web gui: this gui is part of the Web Management Console GUI add-on.

In the second part of this mini-serie we will install the web interface and  configure a vtl via iscsi presentation to a windows server.

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