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Nested KVM VM inside a VMware Workstation 8 VM – how to

21 Aug 2012 5 comments


I had to do some tests with KVM virtual machine, but I did not have a physical host available to devote to KVM.

What to do? Here it’s come to the rescue VMware Workstation 8!

It is possible to install and run nested KVM VM in a VMware Workstation VM (doing what is called "nested virtualization").

For this test I used a CentOS 6.3 distro, but the same procedure should work with other RedHat and Debian/Ubuntu based distro.

And now the step followed:

Create a custom VM in Workstation 8


Durimg the creation wizard, select "LSI Logic SAS" SCSI controller


After wizard completion and before booting the VM, customize the processor enabling "Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI"


Edit the associated .vmx file and append the following line:


(thanks to a vmware community user that found this parameter)

Now we can boot the VM, install the OS (remember to install the virtualization packages) and install VMware Tools.

And finally we can create a KVM VM and boot it!


virtualizzare kvm con VMware Workstation 8

21 Aug 2012 Leave a comment


In questi giorni mi e’ capitato di avere a che fare con alcune virtual machine KVM, ma non avevo a disposizione un host fisico da dedicare a KVM.

Come fare? Il fido VMware Workstation 8 è arrivato in mio soccorso:è possibile installare ed eseguire delle virtual machine KVM installando KVM in una virtual machine di VMware Workstation (facendo quella che si chiama “nested virtualization”).

Per questa prova ho utilizzato una distro CentOS 6.3, ma dovrebbe funzionare anche con altre distro sia RedHat che Debian/Ubuntu based.

Ecco la procedura:

Creare una vm in Workstation 8 di tipo custom


Durante il wizard di creazione scegliere come SCSI controller “LSI Logic SAS”


Completato il wizard, prima di accendere la vm, abilitare “Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI”


Aprire il file .vmx della vm e aggiungere in coda la seguente riga


(ringrazio un utente della community vmware per aver trovato questo parametro)

A questo punto si puo’ accendere la VM e installare la distro avendo cura di installare i pacchetti relativi alla virtualizzazione KVM e di installare i VMware Tools.

Ora si potra’ cominciare a creare vm in kvm ed eseguirle.


Rilasciato VMware Workstation 8.0.4

14 Jun 2012 Leave a comment

E’ disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento gratuito per Workstation 8.0; questo aggiornamento non aggiunge nuove funzionalità ma solo alcuni bugfix

Potete trovare le release notes complete qui:

Per ulteriori informazioni su Workstation 8 e per scaricare la trial o acquistarlo:

VMware Workstation 8.0.4 released

14 Jun 2012 Leave a comment

VMware workstation 8.0.4 update has been released. In this new free update for Workstation 8.0 users, there are only bugfix.

You can read the full release notes here:

For more information about Workstation 8, trial version or buy:

VMware Workstation 8.0.1 released

21 Nov 2011 Leave a comment

VMware workstation 8.0.1 update has been released.In this new free update for Workstation 8.0 users, there are some enhancements and some bugfix.


  • Graphics performance and compatibility enhancements
  • Improvements in creating and using shared virtual machines and remote virtual machines
  • Ubuntu 11.10 is officially supported as a guest operating system

Some resolved issues

  • VMware Tools failed to start in Fedora 15 guests
  • An Ubuntu 11.10 guest crashed with a signal 11 error if you installed or upgraded VMware Tools
  • Easy Install did not properly function on Ubuntu 11.10
  • If remote virtual machines were open, you could not shut down the Windows hosts

You can read the full release notes here:

For more information about Workstation 8, trial version or buy:

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Rilasciato VMware Workstation 8.0.1

21 Nov 2011 Leave a comment

E’ disponibile da qualche giorno il nuovo aggiornamento gratuito per Workstation 8.0; in questo aggiornamento ci sono alcune nuove funzionalita’ e alcuni bugfix.

Nuove funzionalita’

  • Miglioramenti alle performance e alla compatibilita’ grafica
  • Miglioramenti nella creazione e uso di shared e remote virtual machine
  • Supporto ufficiale a Ubuntu 11.10 come guest

Alcuni problemi risolti

  • Fallimento della partenza dei VMware Tools in guest Fedora 15
  • Crash di guest Ubuntu 11.10 in caso di installazione e upgrade dei VMware Tools
  • Easy install non funzionante con Ubuntu 11.10
  • Impossibile spegnere l’host Windows in caso delle virtual machine remote fossero aperte

Potete trovare le release notes complete qui:

Per ulteriori informazioni su Workstation 8 e per scaricare la trial o acquistarlo:

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VMware Workstation 8 released!

14 Sep 2011 Leave a comment


VMware Workstation 8 was released today.

Here the main news

  • Virtual hardware improvement:
    • VM can now support up to 64GB ram
    • newHD Audio device for Vista, 7 Windows 2008 e 2008 R2 guests
    • USB 3.0 support available for Linux guests
    • Bluetooth devices on the host can now be shared with Windows guests
    • You can now enable Virtual VT-X/EPT or AMD-V/RVI in the processor settings interface: with this feature, you can also run 64-bit guest operating systems inside of vSphere running inside Workstation.
  • New user interface: new menus, new toolbar and improved preferences screen
  • You can share virtual machines with remote users
  • New Autostart feature: shared virtual machines can be configured to start with the host system.
  • New feature "Connect to server":  you can connect to remote hosts running Workstation, ESX 4.x and later, and VMware vCenter Server. After connecting to a remote host, all of the virtual machines that you have permission to access are displayed in the virtual machine library
  • Upload to ESX/vCenter: you can upload a virtual machine from Workstation to a remote server running ESX, ESXi, or vCenter Server

My thoughts: I found interesting the Autostart feature (no more reasons to not say goodbye to the old VMware Server…) and the integration between Workstation and vSphere. Another feature useful is the ability to run 64-bit guest virtualized on virtualized vSphere: useful for virtual on virtual lab.

Main page:

Release notes:

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